Wildlife Explorers online event
Med Sony Ambassadør Staffan Widstrand & Floris Smeets
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Wildlife Explorers' stories on climate change & nature through photography

Sony welcomes you to learn more about nature photography and how Sony Wildlife Explorers see the effects of climate change in their work. The online event starts with lectures of the Wildlife Explorers and concludes to a common discussion on photography, climate change & wildlife.



Chapter 1. “An ancient natural heritage”, by Staffan Widstrand A visit to some of Sweden’s rapidly disappearing old-growth forests and the elegant wild beings that call these Home. About the feeling of being in an 8000-year-old forest and how to picture them in a way that can convey that wow-feeling.

Chapter 2.“The struggles of the Nordic winter”, by Floris Smeets Floris will be talking about what drives him to keep going out into the nature to capture a certain image and the effects of climate change on the Nordic wildlife during winter.

Chapter 3. Panel discussion, Q&A

Featuring Wildlife Explorers are: Staffan Widstrand @staffanwidstrand Floris Smeets @floris_smeets

Sony Wildlife Explorers are Melissa Schäfer, Fredrik Granath, Staffan Widstrand, Floris Smeets, Magnus Lundgren, Marcus Westberg and Roy Mangernes. Their awarded work highlights conservation and diversity. Their strong pictures and videos are captivating while bringing awareness on important topics in the sphere of nature and wildlife. All Wildlife Explorers have unique storytelling through their work in various environments.