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How can I calculate the throw distance on a projector?

    Calculating the projector’s throw distance is fairly easy and can be worked out through the below equation:

    Width of screen x Lens throw ratio = Throw distance

    The throw ratio can be found in the Specifications section of the projector’s product page.


    For example:

    The VPL-FHZ75 has a throw ratio of 1.39:1 to 2.23:1.

    If your desired screen width is 100” (2.54m),

    100” (2.54m) x 1.39 to 2.23 = Throw distance of 139” to 223” (3.53m - 5.66m)

    This means that the VPL-PHZ75 can be mounted at any distance between 139” and 223” (3.53m to 5.66m) to make a 100” (2.54m) screen size.


    To make things easy, you can also download our Projection Simulator.