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    Linking the camera with the cloud

    By linking the camera with the cloud, you can automatically upload images directly from the camera to the cloud (Creators' Cloud). Creators' Cloud sign-in is required.

    • Refer to "Supported cameras" for the cameras that can be linked.
    • Cloud storage service may not be available and [Cloud Function] may not be displayed, depending on your country or region.

    Linking the camera with the cloud (First time only)

    Use Creators' App to link your camera with your Creators' Cloud account. (Refer to this page for the operation method.)

     The camera and Creators' Cloud are connected by a line with Creators' App in between.

    Uploading camera images directly to the cloud

    After shooting, when the camera is moved to an environment that enables Wi-Fi connection and the camera is turned on, images that have not yet been uploaded are automatically uploaded to the cloud. There is no need for Creators' App operations at this time. (Refer to "Uploading camera images directly" for the operation method.)

     First, there is the camera for shooting. Next, there is the camera in a Wi-Fi area and an arrow indicating the images uploaded from that camera to Creators' Cloud.
    • smartphone icon: smartphone operation
    • camera icon: camera operation
    1. camera icon Set [Wi-Fi Connect] and [Bluetooth Function] to [On] in the camera MENU, and then set the camera to shooting mode.
    2. smartphone icon Select [Camera Settings] → [Cloud Function] on the Camera screen of Creators' App.
      The app's Camera screen.  "Camera Settings" and the camera screen option at the bottom center of the screen are highlighted.
    3. smartphone icon Follow the instructions and select [Setup Wi-Fi] on the [1. Set up the camera's Wi-Fi] screen.
      • When the access points are displayed, select the access point you want to register in the camera and enter the password. The access point settings stored in the smartphone are imported to the camera.
      • If the access point you want to use is already registered in the camera, select [Skip].
      The app's Camera screen.  "Setup Wi-Fi" and "Skip" at the bottom of the screen are highlighted.
    4. smartphone icon Select [Start linking] on the [2. Link the camera with the cloud] screen.
      • Continue following the instructions. Specify the format of the images to be uploaded as necessary midway through the process.
      • When the [Settings completed.] message is displayed, the settings are complete. To continue uploading, refer to "Uploading camera images directly".
    • To delete linked information, it is necessary to delete it both on the camera side and in Creators' App (or Creators' Cloud Web) as follows.
      • Camera: MENU → (Network) → [Creators' Cloud] → [Cloud Information] → [Account Info.] → [Detail] → [Delete account info.]
      • Creators' App: [Camera Settings] on the Camera screen → [Cloud Function] → [Disconnect the Link]
      • Creators' Cloud Web: Select the linked camera on the Camera screen → [Disconnect the link]
    • When lending or transferring ownership of the camera, first initialize the camera or reset the network settings, or delete the information on the camera side using the above method. If you have lent or transferred ownership of the camera without deleting the information, sign in to Creators' Cloud Web and disconnect the link.