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    Installing camera upgrade licenses

    You can add features to your camera by acquiring a license and installing it on the camera.

    • To check which licenses are available for your camera, select (Home) → (User Information) → [License].
    • Some licenses cannot be acquired or installed through Creators' App.
    • Licenses may not be available through Creators' App in some countries or regions.
    • smartphone icon: smartphone operation
    • camera icon: camera operation
    1. smartphone iconSelect a license from (Home) → (User Information) → [License], then select [Obtain license].
      • [Obtain license]: Indicates that you will acquire a license to use camera functions.
    2. smartphone iconAfter you return to the license screen, select [Install license], then follow the instructions.
    3. smartphone iconSelect the license you acquired, which is labeled [Unassigned licenses], and then select [Install].
      • The license is now downloaded and installed on the camera.
      • Select [Licenses that have been assigned to the selected camera] if you have already entered the camera serial number online, or if you have uninstalled licenses on the camera but want to reinstall them.
      License installation screen in the app. [Unassigned licenses] in the center and [Install] at the bottom are highlighted.
    4. smartphone iconcamera iconAfter the message [Copying completed to camera.] appears, restart the camera (turn the power switch off and on again).
      • The license is activated, and you can use the new functions.
      • To check for active licenses, select (Cameras) → [Camera Settings] → [License Management] in Creators' App or use the camera menu.
    • Licenses that have already been assigned to one camera cannot be reassigned to another.