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SRG SSR sets sporting record at Winter Games

Swiss broadcaster SRG SSR called on Sony to help journalists collaborate efficiently with a smarter, cost-saving workflow using the Sonaps networked production system. Download our free white paper and get the inside story on a landmark in live TV sports coverage.

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Sonaps streamlines live production workflow in Sochi

Swiss state broadcaster SRG SSR and its technical subsidiary tpc squared up to some big challenges to handle television coverage of the 2014 Winter Games in the Russian city of Sochi.

Large-scale live sporting events typically mean large-scale deployment of equipment and station personnel to another country.

Serving Swiss TV viewers in four local language regions posed extra complexities for SRG SSR. Live sports traditionally means sending multiple lines from the event for distribution to the broadcaster’s regional centres at Zurich, Geneva, Lugano and Chur. Separate copies of video content at each site have to be individually logged and tagged with metadata – a time-consuming process that adds further to production overheads.

While this allows the four Swiss regional stations to independently create their own local-language programmes, it’s costly in terms of satellite costs, duplicated material storage and manual labour.

Tighter collaboration, lower operating costs

All regions had immediate access to all content that was ingested from Sochi.

Our free white paper reveals how SRG SSR and tpc addressed some of the biggest hurdles in live sports coverage with the help of Sony’s Sonaps network production system.

The ground-breaking solution delivered major benefits in terms of enhanced workflow efficiency, while reducing operating costs during the two-week event in Sochi.

In a live sports production first, journalists on the ground in Sochi could seamlessly exchange rushes and finished product with editors at four regional centres in Switzerland.

As well as enabling quicker completion of stories, the solution proposed by Sony saw costly satellite links replaced by transmission of live HD video over a wide area network between Russia and Switzerland.

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