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Interactive Education for Kuwaiti Students

Established in 2008, Sama Educational Company’s business focuses on developing the educational infrastructure in Kuwait from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Interactive Education for Kuwaiti Students

Sama acquired the American Creativity Academy (ACA) in 2008. ACA deliver a standards-based American curriculum within an environment in which local traditions and values are respected and practiced.

Sama operates three campuses including American Creativity Academy for Boys, American Creativity Academy for Girls and the International Creativity Academy. It is dedicated to preparing students for university success and lifelong learning in order to constructively contribute to their country and the global society. As part of this mission, ACA believes that students require a healthy, safe and caring environment that challenges students to think critically and creatively.

Aiming for a cohesive school community and an interactive culture, ACA engaged with Ultra Vision, the local business partner of Sony Professional Solutions MEA in Kuwait, to equip the campuses with the most advanced equipment to facilitate and improve knowledge delivery to students.


In the process of achieving ACA and SAMA Educational Company’s long term vision for an e-Learning environment in their school, one of the main challenges faced was the integration of technology into the already established school curriculum. This e-Learning initiative also aimed to benefit the students in their future careers, by preparing them to be technologically astute.

ACA’s mission to integrate technology seamlessly into the school’s curriculum required a phased approach to introduce the faculty and students to e-Learning and ensure that the new capabilities of technology were explored to the full. This process began two years ago when smart boards with the ability to archive lectures in classrooms were installed in classrooms, and today the interactive projectors make the educational atmosphere truly technology driven.

Solution & Results

We value the importance of integrating Sony’s interactive projectors as part of our long term vision of turning our classrooms into smart learning environments. We are using Sony’s projectors at the school and they have proven to be extremely durable, so we are confident that the new VPL-SW525C interactive projectors will be perfect for our teachers’ and students’ use.

Mr. Ahmad Fawzy, IT Manager, SAMA Educational Company

Ultra Vision installed 46 interactive projectors provided by Sony Professional Solutions MEA across three campuses. These VPL-SW525C projectors will be used in the classrooms to improve teaching methods by enhancing teacher-student interactivity. In addition to providing the hardware, Sony PSMEA delivered on-site technical support and user training to integrate the projectors with existing networks and systems so that they are ready for use by the school faculty.

The interactive projectors have been installed with the intention of improving established teaching methods through the adoption and effective use of technology in the field of education. Sony’s interactive projector VPL-SW525C has proven to enhance teaching interaction with students and make the communication of learning materials much easier for the teachers. It has also shown to be more effective and time saving for the students.

Why was Sony selected?

Sony Professional provides customised solutions to cater to the different sectors and demands in the region. Our leading range of projection technologies, and particularly our latest interactive projector, helps us to make a real difference to the changing educational sector in the region as it adopts e-Learning methods.

Mr. Taguchi Hidenori, Head of Marketing, Sony Professional Solutions MEA

Sony Professional Solutions MEA was selected based on a number of key factors, including the satisfactory installation and use of Sony’s projectors by Sama Education Company as part of an earlier project. Product reliability and a wide range of options in Sony’s interactive projector factored heavily as key attributes that encouraged Sama Educational Company to choose Sony Professional’s VPL-SW525C for this project.

Several features of Sony Professional’s VPL-SW525C data projectors make it an ideal solution for a classroom environment. The simultaneous dual-touch interactive feature, which enables up to two people to simultaneously interact on the screen in virtual whiteboard mode, is convenient for conducting lessons in an exciting hands-on manner allowing students to be more perceptive to the information shared in the classroom environment. Furthermore, the ability to use template backgrounds for different teaching subjects and functionality to integrate with multimedia content all enhance the learning experience.

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