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What type of memory card should I choose?


    The following describes the differences in image quality, recording format, restoration function, etc. of several common memory card types.

    - Image quality
    All of our current 4K and HD camcorders use digital recording, therefore the image quality (resolution) should not change between different memory cards. It is important to ensure that the format set at the time of recording (including the compression method and bit rate) remains the same, and the same or greater bit rate is used when recording to and reading from (playback) the memory card. However, it is recommended to use the best possible memory card when you are recording something important; otherwise, recording may stop.

    - Supported recording formats
    Supported recording formats may vary depending on the maximum bit rate that can be used to record to the given type of memory card. Refer to the operating instructions of the camcorder to understand which memory cards and which recording formats are supported.

    - Restoration function
    When shooting video, the file is open until the recording is stopped by pressing the REC trigger. If the memory card is removed from the slot during recording, or the power supply to the camera is lost, the file may become unusable/unreadable. Some memory cards offer a salvage/restoration function, which can recover the lost video content from such an accident.

    - Features of each memory card type
    The following briefly describes features of popular memory media.

    [SxS memory card]
    This professional card is equipped with the cutting-edge interface bus, and our unique memory controller to support high-speed reading and writing. This card supports all recording modes*1 of our camcorders with the SxS memory card slot. The card offers stable recording even in high bit rate shooting such as 4K, with the speed deterioration reduction function that writes in the most efficient way for the given data. SxS cards are suitable for harsh shooting environments thanks to the salvage/restoration feature, and their ability to notify the user when it is time to replace the memory card.
    Strict quality checks and various tests are carried out on SxS memory cards before shipping in the manufacturing bases to maintain high reliability. You can download the utility software “Memory Media Utility” to diagnose the status of the card, format the card, and manage the library.
    *1 The case where SxS PRO+ series is used.

    [XQD memory card]
    A highly robust memory card that supports high-speed reading and writing. The XQD memory card can be used in the SxS memory slot using the “XQD ExpressCard adaptor”. In the event where the recorded data becomes unreadable, you can restore the recoverable range of data using the data restoration software “Memory Card File Rescue” on your PC.

    [SD memory card]
    This memory media is relatively inexpensive and widely available. You can use this memory card in the SxS memory slot using the “SD card adaptor” though some recording modes are not supported. In the event where the recorded data becomes unreadable, you can restore the recoverable range of data using the data restoration software “Memory Card File Rescue” on your PC.

     - The data restoration software and functions described on this page can be used only with Sony recording media. Note, restoration is not guaranteed for all operating environments.
     - Select the best suited recording media for your Sony camcorders. Operations are not guaranteed with SxS and XQD memory cards other than Sony cards. Also, operations are not guaranteed with all SD memory cards.